Chemotherapy vs. Organic Food

Incidence of almost all types of cancer has been increasing steadily since past few decades. Unhealthy environment, fast food, and everyday stress diminish protective functions of the immune system, which is responsible for defending our body from tumor cells. Modern medicine has several approaches to cancer treatment: chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, and novel methods. Here we will describe how chemotherapy works and its side effects, and compare it to use of organic food as an alternative.

How Chemotherapy Works?

Chemotherapy consists of medications designed to kill tumor cells. However, it is not yet perfected enough to skip killing healthy cells. In other words, chemotherapy kills both cancer and healthy cells. That leads to a decreased immune response which has a crucial function in combating cancer. Chemotherapy also causes numerous side effects, such as nausea and vomiting, weight loss, chronic fatigue, etc. There are controversial opinions about the successfulness of chemotherapy, giving that many patients still die from cancer even with the aggressive treatment. There are some scientists who believe that no treatment is better than chemotherapy. These statements came from several studies proving that women with breast cancer and patients with liver cancer who rejected chemotherapy lived longer than treated patients.

Organic Food and Cancer

Whether you decide to use chemotherapy or not, the best thing you can do is to stop using processed and GMO food and start using organic products only. Your health will significantly improve when you start to avoid pesticides and other toxins which generally come with processed food. Increase intake of lean meat and vegetables, and avoid conserved food, gluten, and food rich in additives.

Conventional treatments do carry certain health risks and they are often the target of many conspiracy theories in which pharmaceutical industry is involved. At this point, nobody can tell for sure what is the best choice – to use or not to use chemotherapy. However, healthy nutrition and physical activity are certainly something that can only bring you benefit, with or without conventional cancer treatment.


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